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Uganda, a landlocked country in East Africa, consists of savanna plateau with mountains and lakes. “The pearl of Africa,” wrote Winston Churchill of this former British protectorate that embraces Lake Victoria, source of the White Nile, and the misty Ruwenzori Mountains—home of the endangered mountain gorilla.

Prosperous at independence in 1962, the country was brutalized under the chaotic regimes of Milton Obote and Idi Amin, when as many as 800,000 Ugandans were murdered. In 1986 Yoweri Museveni, leader of the National Resistance Army came to power and, despite continued military and economic challenges, restored stability to a large extent. Museveni was elected president in May 1996 in the first popular election for president since independence—and reelected in 2001.

In 1998 Uganda sent troops into the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s civil war. It withdrew the last of its forces in 2003—and thousands of Congolese crossed into Uganda to seek asylum. An insurgent militia, known as the Lord’s Resistance Army, continues to terrorize northern Uganda—abducting some 20,000 children over the years and making them soldiers. Fertile soil keeps farms and coffee plantations flourishing, but AIDS—an epidemic in some areas—may now be Uganda’s greatest enemy.


Industry: Sugar, brewing, tobacco, cotton textiles, cement

Agriculture: Coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco; beef

Exports: Coffee, fish and fish products, tea, gold, cotton

Uganda’s Main Attractions:

Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa” for its “magnificence, for the variety of form and colour, for the profusion of brilliant life”. While Uganda’s political turmoil during the 1970s and 1980s caused it to lag behind neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania as prime tourist destinations, this lovely country is staging a comeback with its excellent attractions, here’s a sampling:

  • Gorilla Safaris are a huge draw for tourists visiting Uganda. You can see rare mountain gorillas in two of Uganda’s National Parks; Bwindi and Mgahinga,
  • Uganda’s National Parks offer excellent safaris and fantastic birding opportunities. Two of the best parks include Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park.
  • Ruwenzori Mountains, one of Africa’s finest trekking destinations, the “Mountains of the Moon” offers snow-capped peaks and fantastic trails.
  • Kampala, Uganda’s capital is a pleasant place to base your visit from, with good nightlife and friendly restaurants and bars.

Travel to Uganda:

Uganda’s International Airport: Entebbe International Airport (Airport code EBB) is located just outside the town of Entebbe on Lake Victoria and 21 miles (35 km) from Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Getting to Uganda:  There are direct flights from Europe and regional flights from Kenya and Tanzania. You can also catch a long-distance bus from Kenya and Rwanda.

Uganda Embassies/Visas: Most nationalities do require a tourist visa before entering the country, but many nationalities can obtain the visa upon arrival at the International Airport. Check with the Embassy of Uganda.

Tourist Information Office: 13/15 Kimathi Avenue, Impala House, PO Box 7211, Kampala, Uganda, E-mail: utb@visituganda.com, Web Site: http://visituganda.com/index.php.

Population: 26,907,000

Capital: Kampala; 1,246,000

Area: 241,139 square kilometres (93,104 square miles)

Language: English, Ganda or Luganda, many local languages

Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, indigenous beliefs, Muslim

Currency: Ugandan shilling

Life Expectancy: 44

GDP per Capita: U.S. $1,200

Literacy Percent: 70

Ugandan National Flag

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