Hotel Classification

3 Star Hotel

Hotel Description

Kipungani Explorer is perched on the south western edge of Lamu Island, where the protected mangroves of Kipungani Creek meet the end of a deserted 12-km sandy beach.
It is one of East Africa’s most simple but sophisticated coastal hideaways.
Kipungani is the perfect dream destination for those seeking a true desert island holiday.
Kipungani offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a coastal culture unchanged for centuries.


* 14 luxurious grass and thatch chalets.
* king-size beds and palm furniture.
* Private ocean-facing veranda’s.
* Bathrooms with showers and toilets.

Kipungani has some excellent facilities which include:
* Beach-facing terrace with hanging moon-beds.
* Classic cuisine in an ocean view dining room.
* Pool with all-day bar service.
* Personal room stewards always on call /efficient generator power supply.
* Marine radio links to phone and e-mail.
* Boutique selling all beach attires.

Activities includes:
* Snorkelling and diving on local coral reefs.
* Swimming with dolphins.
* Creek and ocean sailing on our Arab dhow.
* Kayaking and windsurfing in the channels.
* Deep sea fishing on Large game fishing boat.
* Visits to 14th century Lamu historic mosques,markets and museum.
* Day trips to the ancient ruined forts of Manda Island/Turtle-nest visits with our Turtle Officer.


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