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Information on Seychelles Travel

Capital:   Victoria

Meaning of Country’s name:  Named after Jean Moreau de Séchelles, Finance Minister to King Louis XV of France from 1754 to 1756

Largest Cities:   Victoria, Takamaka, Cascade

Population:        91,650 (2014 est)

Country Code:   248

Internet Country Code:                 .sc

Area:     174 sq mi (451 km sq)


HISTORY: The recorded history of Seychelles dates back to the 17th century. The islands were appropriated and settled by France in the 18th century. African slaves were brought to the island, and the characteristic Seychellois Creole language developed. Britain took possession of the islands in the early 19th century. The Seychelles became an independent republic in 1976 after hundred years of European colonial rule. A socialist one-party state ruled the country from 1977 to 1993. The subsequent democratic elections were won by the same socialist party.



All foreign nationals visiting Seychelles are granted visa free access. They must be in a possession of a valid passport, return or onward ticket, proof of accommodation and sufficient funds. The Visitor’s Permit is issued free of charge and is initially valid for up to three months but it can be extended for a fee for a period of up to three months with further extensions not exceeding total period of twelve months.

Citizens of Guinea and Sierra Leone require visas due to the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. This measure also applies to those visitors who have recently visited those countries.[4] They may apply for a visa online


 Mahe Island: Among the archipelago of Seychelles, Mahe is the largest. Besides Mahe is also the gateway to Seychelles. Mahe is the economic and cultural hub of the Inner islands of Seychelles. The island is known for its granite rocks and shelters about 90% of the diverse ethnic population of Seychelles.

Victoria: besides being the main attractions in Seychelles, Victoria is also the capital of Seychelles. It is also the port city of Seychelles. Victoria is in Mahe Island and has a tropical climate, welcoming visitors throughout the year.

 Praslin Island: Praslin was mainly inhabited by the pirates before it was discovered by the French. It is the second largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. Praslin is enlisted in U.N.E.S.C.O World Heritage Site. The beaches Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette are the best beaches according to the top ten beaches of the world. Vallee de Mai is another attraction in Praslin.

 Ste Anne Marine National Park: This Island was first discovered and inhabited by the French in 1742. The island is 4kilometers away from the Mahe Island.

 Fregate Island: This Island is known for its granite peaks and is more distinct among the Inner island groups.

 Cousin Island: This Island is home to endangered species of wildlife and lies 6 kilometers off the praslin west coast.

Descroches: Descroches like other Seychelles islands is a coral island. Situated at a distance of 240 km south west of Mahe, Descroches in Seychelles is an ideal getaway for holiday makers and honeymooners. The soft white sandy beaches against a turquoise blue backdrop of the Indian Ocean is an enchanting view difficult to resist.

Aride: Aride, the most beautiful island in the group of Seychelles islands, has become one of the most cherished tourist destinations these days. The Aride Island is located very close to the cousin island. These two islands are famous for their bird colonies and rich vegetation.

Aldabra:  Aldabra is a group of four coral islands, and is one of the most beautiful Seychelles Islands. Aldabra is situated on the southern part of Seychelles and is the largest coral island in the world. Aldabra is almost 34km in its length and it is 14.5 km wide and stretches from east to west. The groups of islands in the Aldabra are enclosed by the coral reef on all their sides. Aldabra Island is managed by the Seychelles Island Foundation. Aldabra is known to have a volcanic origin.

Felicite Island:  Felicite Island is one of the captivating Seychelles islands that feature among the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. The location of Felicite Island is just some 3 kilometers from La Digue island. This island is best for family holidays as the island is quite small and perfect with a cozy atmosphere. Those visiting Felicite Island will be overwhelmed by the natural creations of God. The mouth-watering juicy fruits of the island like mangoes, bananas or oranges can be found in plenitude.

North Island: North Island is one of the most magnificent Seychelles Islands, which lies close to the other two important islands of Seychelles, Mahe and Praslin. North Island is a granite island and is most parts of this island are deserted. The length of the North Island is estimate to be 2.5 km while it is 1 km wide. There are three beautiful beaches in this island.

Cerf Island: Cerf Island is one of the tiny Seychelles islands that warmly welcome numerous tourists every year. Cerf Island is known for its granitic terrain and the several natural attractions of the island draw uncountable visitors. The captivating scenery of green vegetation, the mysterious coves, pure sands, marvelous coral reefs of Cerf Island are real treats for the senses. The milk white beaches of Cerf Island are absolutely irresistible and give travelers all the options to get sun tanned or sun bathe.

Anonyme Island: Anonyme Island is one of the distinguished Seychelles islands, which offers people with the perfect picturesque locations. It is located off the east coast of the biggest Seychelles island, Mahe. Anonyme Island is largely made of granite and is a privately owned island. It is a great luxury to rest in the beautiful resorts of Anonyme Island and merge with the bountiful world of nature. It is pretty easy to reach Anonyme Island as there are ferries that operate from Mahe.

Silhouette Island: Silhouette Island was the very first Seychelles Island to be noticed and discovered and is the third largest island of Seychelles. The serene beauty of Silhouette Island attracts lots of tourist all through the year. Silhouette Island is located over an area of about 2,500 hectares. It can be said that this beautiful island of Seychelles is almost uninhabited.

Alphonse Island: Alphonse Island, which is one of the most beautiful and lively Seychelles Islands, is one of the four islands that together make up the Alphonse Group of Island. Alphonse Island is the largest island of the Alphonse Group of Island. Alphonse Island is 7° south of the Equator and is located on the centre of the Indian Ocean. This important island of Seychelles is situated on the south west portion of Mahe Island, which is 450km away from Alphonse Island.

Bird Island: Bird Island is the northern most island of the Seychelles Archipelago. Bird Island in Seychelles situated 96km from the main island of Mahe, is a 30 minutes flight by light aircraft from Mahe. Seychelles Bird Island is a coral reef covering an area of 170 acres.

Denis Island: Denis Island, one of the many islands that form the beautiful archipelago of Seychelles on the west of Indian Ocean, is not only a beautiful island, but also a very popular tourist destination. The island has got some fabulous beaches surrounded by palm trees, making the island an ideal tourists destination. The Denis Island is located at a distance of 60 miles from the Island of Mahe.

La Digue Island: La Digue Island is the fourth largest in the Seychelles Archipelago. This Seychelles island of area 15 sq. km. is named after French explorer Captain Dufresne's ship. La Digue in Seychelles is inhabited by 2,000 people, and has colonial type houses.