5Nights/6days Angola Safari Package

Tour Summary

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Pick up time: Please consult with your guide for meeting time and place or to arrange pickup, depending on where you stay in Luanda or pick up at the airport. Usually, the day may start as early as 6am.

Today we take the VIP Coach Bus from Luanda overland on the amazing highway to Lubango.

Day 2

The second day we will start to take a tour of Lubango. Here we will visit some historic places like the government palace, cathedral, and a museum.

After the visits, we will have a hearty lunch in a restaurant in the city!

At the end of the day, we watch the sunset from the Cristo Rei (The Jesus Christ Statue like the one in Rio!)

Day 3

Today, we will visit the Tundavala slit and the waterfalls that are visited are Katchillwa Waterfalls and the Cantapedra tundavala dwellers.

Day 4

Today is a cultural tourism day where the guests will spend all day visiting local Angolan tribes.The day today includes spending time with local tribes around Angola and interacting with them and offers a great glimpse into their lifestyle.

Day 5

Pick up time: 7 am

On this day we will continue our journey traveling to Namibe, located about 1.5 hours south of Lubango. Namibe is a province of Angola with a climate that is very temperate and humid along the coast, at a tropical altitude, and presents vast deserts and semi-desert regions in much of the territory, contiguous with the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

Starting our journey high in the mountains, we will pass for the most incredible overland experience driving down the curves of Serra Leba Mountain (the iconic images you always see of Angola with the winding mountain roads.)

Being at Namibe, the most exciting thing that we can do is spend the last days of our tour in a desert safari. There is a safari lodge called Flamingo that will be our host place for this.

The desert of Namibe is one of the oldest deserts in the world

we also find the most famous and photogenic tribes there. In terms of wildlife, you may be able to see snakes, Oryx’s, lizards, and a rare plant in the world only found in Namibe’s desert, the welwitcha Mirabilis

Day 6

Today we take an overland coach bus back to Luanda, where your tour finishes at the bus station and our guide will help you find onward transport to your hotel or the airport at your discretion.

End of Tour

*This tour does not include meals, but does include lots of great opportunities and recommendations for cuisine and drinks, and includes all guides, entrances, and accommodation.

Terms and conditions

  • Name and passport list before the trip within 20 Day before
  • Visa for Israel take around 15 Working days
  • 50% before arrival within 15 Days

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