Hotel Classification

3 Star Hotel

Hotel Description

Lamu House is located on the coastal town of Lamu, and is made up of two houses that provide the perfect holiday / vacation getaway on Lamu Island, Kenya.
With a central courtyard, renovated and adapted to the western-style living, and preserve all the charm of traditional Swahili architecture but are designed to satisfy the needs of clients and travellers that choose to stay in the historic centre of Lamu for their business or holiday.
The hotel is 10 minutes by boat from Lamu Airport.

Lamu House has a total of 11 rooms spread over the two house and each featuring a unique decor with a balcony or a terrace overlooking the sea.
This luxury accommodation caters to both those holiday makers or business travellers to Lamu who require a room or rooms to rent; or to a holiday group or family who wish to book out the entire hotel.

Dining at Lamu House: The Chef will delight your senses with an excellent local Kenya dishes, which blends the best local ingredients.
Fresh seafood, coconut and tropical fruit are all combined with the exotic spices that have been traded along the East African coast for centuries.
Lamu Moonrise Restaurant is open from 8 am to 10 pm, offers excellent a la carte menu together with a selection of wines and spirits.

Recreation Activities: 
Lamu House also has one Swimming pool and two plunge pools and there are numerous terraces are available where guests can enjoy life at the pace of Lamu.
Lamu House also has two dhows – traditional Swahili sailing boat renovated by Lamu House available for day and night excursions to discover the superb beaches of the archipelago, during which the crew will prepare an excellent lunch with fresh-caught fish.
Snorkeling equipment and fishing lines are at your disposal on board.


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