Hotel Classification

4 Star Hotel
Hotel Description

Kinwica means in Kikongo “to give drink” … or “paradise” and, in fact, in a metaphorical sense, this venture came to give drink to all those who visited the Soyo and felt the despair of the lack of accommodations with a certain quality standard. The Resort-Hotel Kinwica is located in the so-called noble area of ​​Soyo, at the entrance of the town for those arriving by road. It has a privileged position in front of one of the numerous channels that the river Zaire possesses, which allows it to have its own dock for boat mooring and a unique view on the majestic mangrove that invades the banks and the islets of this imposing river. The offer provided by this reference site consists of a village of 37 wooden bungalows, “Xalés” or “bungalows”, equipped with microwave, frigo-bar, TV with satellite channels, broadband Internet via satellite and other details that give them comfort, rustic beauty and a pleasant sense of autonomy. privacy, making its occupants feel much more at ease than is usual in a conventional hotel.


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